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What is 'Detailing'? The majority of the general public is unfamiliar with this term. The simplest definition of detailing is simply cleaning. However, if you think we're just going to 'wash' your car for the prices we charge you're quite wrong! We literally bathe your vehicle with some of the most specialized cleaning agents on the market. We polish and wax your paint to bring back the shine and keep it protected...and we do all this wherever you want!


  • Come to your location to service your vehicle
  • Save clients time and limit frustration
  • Deliver professional, reliable and affordable service
  • Reach customers in the Greater Vancouver Area
  • Use environmentally friendly methods and chemicals

We know your time is extremely valuable, our services allow you to maintain your car without spending your time doing it. Our company provides a convenient solution; completely mobile service. The regular upkeep your car needs, while you work, or relax in the comfort of your home.

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MG Automobility Inc. was founded in 2003 by Geoffrey Vail and Michel LeBlanc, two mechanical engineering graduates from the University of New Brunswick. Currently incorporated by the province of British Columbia and licensed by the city of Vancouver we are able to offer comfort to our customers through our ICBC liability and damage insurance. All employees will be trained by an ICBC certified body mechanic and maintain up to date techniques and information on automobile detailing and paint repair.

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